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BREAKING NEWS !! Revolutionizing Local Commerce: The Watugot Platform and its Mission to Build Stronger Communities pi network - hokanews

BREAKING NEWS !! Revolutionizing Local Commerce: The Watugot  Platform and its Mission to Build Stronger  Communities pi network - hokanews - Pi Network Watugot In a world where technology is taking over and community relations are 
becoming increasingly distant, it's refreshing to see a platform that is bringing 
people closer together. Watugot is a blockchain business that cares for local 
communities and connects pioneers using the Pi cryptocurrency and local fiat 

The platform allows users to easily trade new or used goods and services within
their own community, to a maximum radius of 30 kilometres. This approach 
encourages users to carry out trades in person, getting to know their neighbours
and reducing the risk of fraud. By connecting pioneers in this way, Watugot is 
reinventing the community shopping experience.

Version 1.0 of Watugot app allows pioneers to easily trade items and services in 
various categories while buyers can communicate with sellers, inspect the 
product or service before making payment, and avoid fraudulent transactions.
Sellers are encouraged to provide accurate descriptions, titles, and images for 
their listings, and are rated by buyers, which improves their seller metrics for 
future sales. With periodic monitoring by the Watugot team, inappropriate or 
illegal listings are promptly removed from the community.

The platform's focus on community also extends to the way it is managed. 
Seller ratings and metrics determine the placement and visibility of future 
listings, and the team periodically monitors listings to maintain quality 
parameters. Users are encouraged to notify Watugot of inappropriate or 
fraudulent listings using the flag option in the listings, and all flagged listings 
are investigated.

For buyers, Watugot recommends that they inspect the product or service in 
person and confirm complete satisfaction before initiating payment. This helps 
to reduce the risk of fraud and ensures that buyers are happy with their 
purchase. The platform also encourages buyers to communicate with the seller 
to agree on a location for the transaction.

One of the upcoming features on Watugot is the ability for retail stores all over 
the world to list items in their local currency. Participating stores will have the 
opportunity to sell commodities or services through Watugot's free subscription 
service. They will be able to reach out to both pioneers and non-Pi users, 
publish their own catalog, manage orders, set prices, run tailored ads on their 
listings, and much more.

Watizen is another feature that is expected to launch shortly. This will enable 
pioneers to add stores to the platform in any category from their community. 
Once the free trial is over, the pioneer receives a royalty from subscription fees, 
each time the store makes a payment. All the subscription fees, Watizen 
royalties, and featured adverts are paid in Pi.

Watugot's vision is to harness technology to build closer communities. The 
platform aims to connect people, regardless of workplace hierarchy or 
socioeconomic status, and to foster innovation and improve lives. Watugot's 
mission is to provide a case study on how to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) 
emissions. The platform helps to reduce unnecessary transportation and 
packaging emissions associated with traditional retail and e-commerce, while 
enhancing community relations. By implementing a more compelling user 
rewards system, Watugot plans to succeed where local currencies failed.

In conclusion, Watugot is a platform that is reinventing the community 
shopping experience. It connects pioneers in local communities, encourages in-
person trades, and provides a safe and reliable platform for buying and selling 
goods and services. With its upcoming features, Watugot is set to revolutionize 
the way we shop and interact with our local communities.

Watugot App link:

pi://brainstorm.pi/project/63b4819a609d482201f0790b (Copy and 
paste link in Pi Browser)

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Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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