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BREAKING NEWS : Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Exchange featuring Pi Coin logo, Pioneers open mainnet pi network will be very beautiful - hokanews


BREAKING NEWS : Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Exchange featuring Pi Coin logo, Pioneers open mainnet pi network will be very beautiful - hokanews - Pi Network, a crypto mining application created in 2019, by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis has become the latest talk in the world of cryptocurrencies.  Even though it hasn't been fully launched yet, the app has already attracted the attention of many people around the world, with the number of users growing day by day.

Pi Coin itself can still be obtained for free by everyone.  It's just that you need a smartphone and internet when you enter the pi network application.

Even now, it is estimated that miners who are active on the pi network have reached 45 million active users.  From before, it was calculated that there were around 35 million active users.  The figure of 35 million active users is a number that has jumped dramatically.  Downloads from Playstore itself are currently at 50 million+ downloads.  That doesn't include those who use iPhones.

As time goes by, the pi coin is increasingly being looked at by Investors.  Not only from the bottom.  Pi coin is increasingly being cleared by cryptocurrency exchanges.  Like at the beginning of 2023, pi coin was stirred up by listing the pi coin IOU on several cryptocurrency exchanges.  The pi coin listed is not the official pi coin.  But for all pioneers, you have to be more careful about that.  CoreTeam itself has long since informed all the pioneers that they have not listed pi coin on any exchange.  Therefore, we can conclude that the pi coin that has been listed on the exchange is not an official pi coin.

The question is why cryptocurrency exchanges are so enthusiastic about the pi network project, they really hope that pi coin can be listed on their exchange when pi coin is ready to open an open mainnet.  According to hokanews, one of the pi networks is becoming popular because their community is active and there are so many from various countries compared to other cryptocurrency communities.  Besides that, the pi coin in the claim is not cryptocurrency in general.  But pi coin will be the most exclusive peer to peer transaction in the world.

In addition to cryptocurrency exchanges that have tried to list the IOU pi coin.  However, recently information has emerged that the name of a cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong is also ready to list the pi coin during the open mainnet.

This was also revealed by one of the pi network community accounts that shared this information. monitoring from the pi network community account on Twitter is very clear in publishing articles like this:

Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Exchange. The π logo appears on the poster! It is expected that #PiNetwork may have some form of cooperation with HKEx! After registering and completing Advanced KYC, 6 HDODs will be given away! Listed on 6.1, a trusted, state-backed business ! does not publish articles without sources.  For more details, see the image below.

Twitter image source 

The pi network community account also shares 3 images in which the pi coin logo is clearly visible along with the solana logo, Ethereum, Pi coin, and several other coins.  For more details, see the image below.

Twitter image source 

The cryptocurrency exchange located in the country of Hong Kong, the name of the exchange is HKD.  com.  And the exchange is also claimed to be registered at 6.1, a trusted business that is supported by the state.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

That's a little information that we can share with all the pi network communities.  
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