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Paixingshop marketplace added Mastercard to redeem Pi Coin To Fiat money - Pi network created by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis, is almost 4 years old, or what is usually called Piday, precisely on March 14, 2023.

Coin pi created by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis appeared to the public on March 14 2019, so that date became history for the pi coin itself, almost all pioneers were waiting for shocking news on March 14 (Piday).

Until now, coin pi itself can still be obtained for free.  You just need a smartphone.

And don't spend a penny from anyone who wants to get coin pi created by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis the.

In 2023, the pi network is increasingly recognized by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and ordinary people.

Currently the pi network is waiting for the open mainnet by all pioneers.

 This was very excited to be discussed by everyone who took part in mining the pi coin from Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis.

Actually pi coin is now included in the mainnet.  On this mainnet, every pioneer who has got pi coins into their pi blockchain wallet can exchange them for services and goods, both in marketplaces that support payments with pi coins or fellow pioneers.

Over time, pi coins can also be used to exchange goods or services.

So every pioneer is competing to find a marketplace that is ready to accept payments with pi coin.

Likewise, on the other hand, the DEV marketplace itself is also competing to update their own marketplace to make it easier for pioneers to transact on their marketplace.

Like one of the new piaxingshop marketplaces that has just been hyped up on social media, they have added several additional features to their marketplace to make it easier for pioneers to cash out their pi coins. monitoring from one of the pi network communities on Twitter.

The community account shares one picture, in the picture it is clear.  The piaxingshop post is in the pi browser search.


The 4 name logos are very clear in the picture.
Like :
Visa, PayPal, Union Pay, and finally the mastercard name is clearly visible.

For more details, see the image below.

Twitter image source monitoring from community account posts on Twitter.

Latest shocking news: ‼️ New functions have been added to redeem Paixing Mall rewards and cashiers can support Cloud QuickPass.  There is indeed UnionPay and Cloud QuickPass.  Including Visa, Baibao, MasterCard.  Don't worry about the price, just take a look. Keep Mining does not publish articles without sources, see below for more details.

Twitter image source 

Piaxingshop itself has been in the news on BSCNEWS piaxingshop's monitoring in the news by BSCNEWS is still very clear.
And this news was published by BSCNEWS around December 9, 2022.

Piaxingshop news articles published by BSCNEWS.

🚨New listings on our new Web3 Index🚨

@Allbridge_io (#Multichain)
@ChainLegionNFT (#BNBChain)
@Paixingshop (#PiNetwork)
@NetherworldDAO (#Dogechain

From this article, BSCNEWS mentions @Paixingshop

For more details, see the image below

Twitter image source 

After the news was published in BSCNEWS.  Piaxingshop quickly responded back to piaxingshop's own twitter.

Writing back from paixingshop

Thank you for showing Paixing Mall. We will soon release the main online mall and open it to all users for bulk shopping. Thank you very much for your recognition of PiNetwork.

For more details, see the image below.

Twitter image source 

1.Link source click here

2.Link source click here

3.Link source click here

What do the pioneers think is the first step.  Taken by piaxingshop added some new features in pi coin withdrawal one good thing.

However, all pioneers need to know that the post shared by the pi network community account stated that piaxingshop has added 4 pi coin withdrawal features.

This has not been confirmed by the dev piaxingshop itself.

Yes, we just hope that this will actually happen, to make it easier for pioneers to transact on the piaxingshop marketplace.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

That's a little information that we can share with all the pi network communities.  
Hopefully this is useful, keep the spirit, don't give up.
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