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BREAKING NEWS : Among 19 countries, South Korea excels in miner pi node - hokanews


Among 19 countries, South Korea excels in miner pi node - Pi Network is a cryptocurrency mining application that has attracted quite a bit of public attention, since the pi network was released in 2019 by Dr. Nicolas kokkalis. However, on March 14, Pi Coi has entered its 4th year. called by the pioneers PI Day.

as time goes by, pi coin is increasingly known by cryptocurrency lovers to ordinary people. Even now, pi coin can still be obtained free of charge by anyone, you only need a smartphone and internet when you enter to mine pi coin.

Besides pi coins, you can get them from smartphones. The pi coins that were created by Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis can also be obtained using the help of a computer or what is commonly called the pi node.

this of course requires capital, to buy tools and install the internet, and for electricity costs.

maybe for pioneers who really know about the pi network project this is quite interesting for pioneers who have a model to get even more pi coins, while they can still be obtained.

what are Pi Nodes

Pi Node is a software that functions as a node in the Pi Network cryptocurrency network. The Pi Node acts as a propagator and collector of data needed to process transactions in the network.
In cryptocurrency networks, there are several types of nodes, such as Full Node, Light Node, and others. The Pi Node is included in the Full Node category, which means that it has full access to all data on the network, including all transactions that have been made and blocks that have been processed before.
When a user runs a Pi Node, he becomes part of the Pi Network network and contributes to verifying transactions and processing new blocks. The Pi Node will also communicate with other nodes in the network to ensure that the data needed to process transactions is properly synchronized.
In addition to strengthening the Pi Network network, users who run Pi Node will also be rewarded in the form of Pi coins. The rewards depend on user contributions in processing transactions and strengthening the Pi Network network. The more active the Pi Node is running, the greater the rewards that will be obtained.
In some cases, running a Pi Node can also help improve network security. This is because the more active nodes in the network, the more difficult it is for irresponsible parties to carry out attacks on the network.

while currently the pi node that is widely used by pioneers is the country of south korea. south korea is the country with the most miner pi coins around 23,349 nodes

this was also revealed from one of the pi network community accounts on twitter who shared miner pi nodes, monitoring of the posts shared by the community account is also very clear.

posts shared by the community account like this.

Why are European countries are so behind in number of Pi Nodes?  Is it that they are under estimating free stuff because they are so rich? Or they are just ignorant on the coming internet and crypto currency revolution? Any body know the reason?
为什么欧洲国家的 Pi 节点数量如此落后? 是因为他们太有钱了,所以低估了免费的东西吗? 或者他们只是对即将到来的互联网和加密货币革命一无所知?有人知道原因吗?

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, #PiNetwork, 

@mstor168 does not publish articles without sources, for more details, see the image below.

Twitter image source

In one image shared by the pi network community account, it is clear that the list of pi node miners is clear.

Details list from pictures:

Rank       Country                NOdes

#1         south korea             23,349
#2         China                   18,477
#3         Vietnam                 14,247
#4         japan                   12,589
#5         United States           6,353
#6         Singapore               3,022
#7         Taiwan                  2,516
#8         Mongolia                1,866
#9         Hong Kong               1,157
#10        Germany                 806
#11        Malaysia                501
#12        Netherlands             386
#13        Canada                  384
#14        United Kingdom          259
#15        Seychelles              237
#16        France                  177
#17        Australia               172
#18        unknown                 172
#19        Bulgaria                165

for more details see the picture below.

Twitter image source

What do all the pioneers think, are you one of those who mine the pi network using the pi node.

 What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining device battery. The Pi blockchain secures economic transactions through a mobile meritocracy system and a complete Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

That's a little information that we can share with all the pi network communities.  
Hopefully this is useful, keep the spirit, don't give up.
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Thanks to all the pioneers, warm greetings from the hokanews team.  Information from the pi network community for all pioneers