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Hoka news - Core Dao will be ready to be listed on the exchange in two days.

As we all know, Dan was announced far in advance from the official Core Dao Twitter account.

Not a few exchanges will be ready to list Core Dao.As confirmed by the exchange which is ready to list Core Dao

Like Bybit, Houbi, Bitmart and many other exchanges.

However, based on monitoring recently, the address that pioneers have linked has been locked in the Core Dao account

This was conveyed by a Twitter account for the Core Dao community.

The withdraw wallet address has been locked and the number of link has also been reset to zero. Congratulations to the first batch of miners. The first batch of data is being uploaded to the core chain smart contract. It is expected to take 3~4 hours.

Twitter post source

Then system will continue issue gas fee. Received users must not to tamper with or transfer money, and wait patiently for the official withdrawal address on the 8th.

Source twitter community Core Dao

This matter was quite attractive to all the Core Dao community.

Let's see on 8 - 2 - 2023

 Can the coins that pioneers have obtained from the satoshi application be transferred to exchanges to exchange to fiat money or not.

We can't be sure about that yet.

Let's see together later when that day comes.

 What is the Core Dao

Core is an L1 blockchain that combines the composability of an EVM chain, with the decentralization and security of Bitcoin. CORE is the native token of the Core blockchain.

From pioneers for pioneers

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