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Hello all the CORE DAO community, how are you all.  Are you all ready to profit from CORE coin mining results?

Following are the details of hokanews.com's monitoring

Over time CORE DAO has been officially registered on coinmarketcap.
As we all know, coinmarketcap itself is a cryptocurrency real time price tracker. And also important information.

Every token or coin that is serious about building a project is not a token and coin scam.  Then they will automatically register their coin on coinmarketcap.  So that one community of these coins can get to see prices and information on coinmarketcap.

Likewise with CORE DAO, they have been officially registered on coinmarketcap.
As we already know, CORE DAO is included in the mainnet. And ready to be traded on the exchange.

We need to wait for the official announcement from TEAM CORE DAO.
When will I list CORE DAO

According to hokanews.com monitoring
Search for CORE DAO on coinmarketcap continues to increase over time.

The CORE DAO watch list is currently at batch 8,962

More clearly see the picture below

Source CORE DAO In coinmarketcap 

Monitor hokanews.com two days before this article is published.

For CORE DAO monitoring on coinmarketcap itself, it is still at around 8,520

However, the list of CORE DAO rankings on coinmarketcap has not been seen until this article is published.

it will be seen as time goes by.

It's the same with the current price list for CORE DAO no one can guess and it hasn't been seen on coinmarketcap.

We just hope that the CORE DAO price can be higher than the expectations of the CORE community. 

What is CORE DAO? 

About Core DAO $CORE
Core is an L1 blockchain that combines the composability of an EVM chain, with the decentralization and security of Bitcoin. $CORE is the native token of the Core blockchain

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