GREAT NEWS !! Huobi to Open Trading for CORE (CoreDAO) -

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Hello pioneer, how are you all, I pray that all of you wherever you are, keep your spirits up and stay happy. Greetings from Cuan from

Ok, this time we would like to greet all of you with a news that is so surprising to all pioneers, especially the pioneer CORE DAO. How come the Core, which we have been mining for a long time via our cell phones, recently announced that they will enter the mainnet stage.

As for the mainnet itself, Mimin doesn't discuss it here anymore. But here Mimin wants to share with all of you that the Huobi exchange will include CORE/USDT in the spot trading on their exchange.

dilansir from houbi's post on twitter about 17 hours ago before this post was made

they just announced to list CORE on the exchange, and it is ready to be traded in USDT currency

for more details you can see the image below

source twitter huobi

if we click here on houbi's twitter post.

then it will be redirected to the web from Houbi itself with a notification like the following

source twitter huobi

with statements like the following

Dear Huobi User,

Huobi will be opening CORE (CoreDAO) spot trading (CORE/USDT) and grid trading (CORE/USDT). Please see the schedule as follows:

Deposit: Opened Withdrawal: To be updated

Trading: Spot trading for CORE/USDT will be available once deposits meet the minimum liquidity requirement.

About CoreDAO:

CoreDAO - the official org developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem and building web3 infrastructure on Bitcoin’s PoW.


Token name: CORE

Total Supply: 2,100,000,000

Thank you for your support!


January 15, 2023

thank you for supporting us, warm greetings from us

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