BYbit listing Core into the spot trading platform


hello CORE community, how are you all. we pray for you to be fine and keep smiling.

ok, in this post, Mimin will share with all of you with the CORE listing development system on the exchange.

how could it not be that CORE is now in the mainnet stage and ready to be traded on exchanges that have been waiting a long time to be traded like other coins like BITCOIN.

In this post, one of the BYbit exchanges responds to votes from the CORE community. And the BYbit exchange is ready to list CORE on their exchange.

According to the official post on the BYbit Twitter account around January 20, 2022, they are ready to list CORE in their exchange.

Bybit is excited to announce Bybit's integration of the Core mainnet, and the upcoming listing of CORE on our Spot trading platform! Coredao_Org

or more details can be seen from the image below

Source Twitter BYbit 

after BYbit announced this to the public, the community from CORE quickly attacked BYbit's post with various comments. If we look at the likes of the post, it already has 4,000 likes, and 1,677 retweets.

but it doesn't end there either. the official account from COREDAO itself also responded very quickly to this

 Thank you for your commitment and trust in Core & the Satoshi Plus Consensu

for more details can be seen in the image below
Source Twitter Coredao_Org And BYbit

About Core DAO
Core is an L1 blockchain that combines the composability of an EVM chain, with the decentralization and security of Bitcoin.CORE is the native token of the Core blockchain.

Thank you for support BY

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